Over 200 Years of Precious, Precious Gold

A few of us here at knowmadic news are unabashed gold lovers (scientific name: “gold bugs”). And while we definitely don’t shy away from our fondness for the shiny yellow metal, neither will we pontificate endlessly about it as an answer (the answer) to all of society’s economic ills.

Precious metals represent the origins of economics, trade, and commerce. They are the bedrock upon which our entire global economy and society was built. Gold is a one such precious metal. A natural resource. A last resort for some. An only resort for others.

Gold Chart

You can’t eat it, you can’t burn it, and you can barely even barter with it anymore… but… as we have seen over the past several years an investor can still place a considerable value on it. This is especially true when compared to the fiat currencies of the world.

Over at ZeroHedge, they’ve found a great gold chart that spans 1791–2013. Even if your view of gold is that it’s a relic from times past, not integral to preservation (or growth) of wealth today, it still might interest you to see how gold has performed throughout time in relation to U.S. presidencies, inflation/deflation, and war.

Check it out for yourself over at ZeroHedge.