Growth Will Be Mixed Among the Tigers

tigersAustralia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) is reporting that economic growth in “emerging Asia” will be mixed; with ongoing stifling political events and modest economic fundamental indicators to blame.

ANZ’s consensus is that the Philippines’ Q1 looks “constructive.” Easy credit, government infrastructure projects, and with confidence still relatively high, the Philippines can keep smiling in the near term, although inflationary pressures are a continuing cause for concern.

India and Indonesia are facing elections in April, and the continuing strife in Thailand make things a bit riskier on these economies. So if you’re a volatility junkie and crave risk then I guess this might be a good time for you to jump onboard.

The Philippines, India, and Indonesia all have laid out measures to control and tighten their economies, whereas Thailand has been forced to do the opposite. Whenever countries tighten, the populace tend to get edgy, so look for these measures to change the mood in all the countries trying to fight inflationary pressures.

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