Don’t Drink the Water

Where? China. Says who? The Chinese state-run media.

ZeroHedge is reporting that state-run media in China has said that 60% of China’s tap water is unfit to drink. These polluted waters were monitored in 203 cities across China where they received a rating of either “very poor” or “relatively poor.”

And things appear to be getting even worse. It’s reported that “The proportion of water not suitable for direct drinking rose from 57.4% from 2012.”

China Water

Water seems to be the crisis du jour in many parts of the globe. In Malaysia, the 1st quarter of this year brought a rare dry spell that created water shortages everywhere. In addition, it created other environmental disasters like massive agricultural burnings earlier than usual. Most Malaysians don’t see these burnings anything more than just “normal,” but to this foreigner in a foreign land, I recognize that these burnings are far from normal, especially for children.

The Malaysian government has been taken to task and many citizens blame poor water management for the situation. Malaysia is one of the wettest countries in the world so this situation seems to be extraordinary as well as not black and white. Some believe that the water problems are “politically motivated”… but nowadays what isn’t?

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