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Huge Shakeup in Thailand

Thailand-Immigration-and-Visa“Condo 4 Sale – Cheap!” Expect to see a lot of ads like this before too long, as the Thai government has decided to do away with “Out-In” visa runs for foreigners living there.

Until now, the government has been extremely lax on foreigners living in Thailand, allowing them to do day trips to neighboring countries when their visa was close to expiry and then simply issuing a new one upon re-entry. It’s so commonplace that there’s an entire side industry just to serve this market.

So why the change to the status quo? And why now? The stated intent is a crackdown on foreigners working illegally in the country as well as a “tightening up” of passports. Sounds reasonable enough. However, the reality of it is that the people most affected will no doubt be the vast majority of foreigners who have bought condos and live in Thailand several months out of the year.

How this will affect them, as well as foreign investment in the country, isn’t yet clear… but no matter how you look at it, it does not look good.

H/T: The Phuket News

  • South

    This won’t last. A huge chunk of the economy depends on foreigners who spend a significant amount of the year in Thailand, many spending their pensions there. Wrong policy, wrong time.

    • gino

      one can only hope! like me, i’m sure you’ve seen some of these places shoot themselves in the foot (figuratively) time and time again. much like the bars in slow season and there aren’t enough customers … the solution, let’s raise prices!