Bangkok Businesses Hit Hard

Bangkok—heaven to some, Sodom and/or Gomorrah to others—is truly a city that doesn’t sleep. Well, at least not until recently.

The Thai military staged a “bloodless coup” this past Thursday and imposed a strict curfew from 10 pm–5 am. This is taking an obvious toll on all types of businesses in Thailand, but none have been hit harder than the nightlife industry targeting tourists.

The curfew’s list of “victims” include night markets, bars, clubs, discos, malls, restaurants, and Internet cafes. Convenience stores and mass transit seem to be withstanding the malaise of the restrictions relatively well.

Curfew hits bangkok business

Foreign tourists have been warned by their respective embassies to take special care while visiting the “Land of Smiles.” Common sense is a priority when in and around crowds, or if one happens to stumble upon a protest of sorts.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has put out a statement which projects that Thailand will fall short of its 2014 arrival target of 28 million, with the unofficial projected target now lowered to approximately 26 million.

Private tour operators are optimistic that the market will be restored within the next three months.

Nevertheless, take extra care if traveling (anywhere) in Thailand and stay aware of any news or safety information that your embassy might release.

H/T: Bangkok Post