“Fukuppy” Still Stands Tall

It was in October of last year that Fukushima Industries Corp. released to the public its new company mascot, “Fukuppy.”

Sure, have a laugh… but this (a combination of the company founder’s name and “happy” it is believed) is simply following in the long, proud, and nonsensical Japanese tradition of taking two words, abbreviating them, somehow joining them together as one, and then releasing this new word out into the world with the assumption that people will somehow derive its meaning.

Fukuppy - Fukushima Industries

(Two commonly known/used examples of this are “remocon” and “pasucon.” Pause for a moment to guess their possible meaning… give up yet? Respectively, “remote control” and “personal computer.”)

What might have only garnered a smirk by tourists passing through quickly spread across the Internet and became a global laugh. Press releases that followed stated the company was “re-thinking” the mascot… but someone in marketing must have stuck to their guns, because as of today it’s still there proudly. Well, on the Japanese-language site at least. It’s conspicuously absent from the English-language site. I can’t imagine why.

H/T: Japan Today

  • Ahmed

    LOL! This is just wrong! WOW!