Garlic, the All Powerful

You’re young, hustling, juggling a budding career, a social life, maybe some sort of activity you love like kickboxing, mountain biking, even just barhopping or clubbing… the last thing you need is to get sick or injured.

But it happens, it’s unavoidable, and often kicks you right at the absolutely worse time. It’s happened to me countless times, everything from an irritating cough to severe inflammation in my elbow. Things happen and when they do it’s totally random and can make your life much more complicated in the moment.


More often than not it’s a knee-jerk response to run to the doctor for a “quick fix” (that in most cases is neither). Moreover, most doctors today seemingly resemble a 1950’s dime-store pharmacist than an actual medical doctor… chatting, prescribing, and then quickly pushing you out of their office to get another “customer” in and out as quickly as the next. Long gone are the days when a bookworm-ish and talkative MD-PhD would rather teach than prescribe a pill.

But nowadays do we have a choice?

Thanks to the Internet, there are actually a litany of choices now. Many great, many not so. But a good number of what was considered “alternative” not so long ago are now no longer ridiculed or minimized… at least not by anyone paying attention to health-related matters.

Natural remedies (often referred to as alternative medicines) have gained in popularity over the years. They’re cheaper, more accessible (many times found right in your kitchen), safer, and work more completely than most things you might pick up at the pharmacy.

One of the most effectual, in my experience unbeatable, natural cures is garlic. How effective? Well, enough to where even the mainstream medical establishment in the United States cannot easily ignore or deny it any longer.

I have cured just about everything with garlic. It’s stopped bronchitis in its tracks, cured bursitis in my elbow, blocked the shingles I got from being extremely stressed out, and generally has made me feel a hell of a lot better when I’ve felt dragged down from work and life pressures. It’s the wonder remedy that everyone seemed to have forgotten about. But it seems poised to make a pungent comeback.

Unfortunately, though, when things become popular, big money gets involved. And so, par for the course, the “garlic pill” was invented. And like many supplements, it’s mostly useless.

Like most conventional medicines, in order to be potent garlic must be taken properly and for a scheduled period of time. Actually, the only difference is that pharmaceuticals have patents and garlic does not, so being a natural medicine means to be taken wild and raw (“raw” being the key word here), and in the wild Mother Nature makes the rules… and good luck talking to her unless you know a good shaman you can trust.

Point is, when in doubt stick to what nature intended and that means garlic needs to be eaten raw in order to work. Sure, an odorless pill or powder sounds great, but garlic was designed to naturally kick ass, and if you want something to kick ass it better be able to handle any situation thrown at it… raw garlic has the odor, the bite, and the biochemical makeup to be the Andersen Silva of the natural medicinal world. (And no, I’m not saying Andersen Silva is pungent. “Can you hear me, Andersen? I wasn’t saying that.” Am just comparing the all-around abilities of garlic to one of the greatest and complete martial artists ever.)

I won’t “prescribe” ways to take it here, as everyone is different. We handle things differently, and we are unique in the way our physiological systems combat things. I will say that it is best (/most potent) when eaten raw and on a full stomach. How much and how many times a day you do so is debatable, so I suggest you test the waters for yourself. If it doesn’t seem to work, eat more. If it works beyond expectation then perhaps stop or cut back. In any case, listen to your body, it’s the best indicator you have.

Lastly, and maybe the most important thing to understand, garlic is not only better for your ecosystem, but the Earth’s too. Presently, people run to the doctor for any little sniffle and demand a pill or quick fix. Usually that fix is an antibiotic, but the truth of the matter is that antibiotics should not be taken for most viruses… but don’t take my word for it, the CDC says, “Antibiotics do not fight infections caused by viruses like colds, most sore throats and bronchitis, and some ear infections. Unneeded antibiotics may lead to future antibiotic-resistant infections. Symptom relief might be the best treatment option.”

The beauty of garlic, no matter an infection or a virus, you’re not doing yourself or this planet any harm by taking it.

(As always, consult with your doctor first whenever you become seriously ill.)