Asian Markets Set to Explode

Peter Brandt, “classical chartist,” professional commodities trader, and one of Barry Ritholtz’ 30 most influential finance sources believes his charts (view here and here) are screaming that Asian equity markets are either in or will enter a “parabolic bull trend” for the ages.


Mr. Brandt is a technical analyst not a fundamental analyst, so his opinions may differ widely from macro-economic reports and trends.

Nevertheless, several Asian markets, mainly in Southeast Asia, have been on a tear this year, and look to provide investors with very attractive returns in 2014.

So far, the YTD leaders are:

Vietnam’s VHINDEX: +33.32%; VNINDEX: +29.83%

Indonesia’s LQ45: +26.42%; JCI: +23.21%

India’s SENSEX: +28.75%

Thailand’s SET: +23.95%

Philippines’ PCOMP: +22.60%


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    Beware, if the US falls off a cliff, Asian markets will be close behind. No reason for money to stick around if Asian manufactures can’t sell product.