Our “Top 8” Time-Killer Sites

Top8The Internet is arguably one of the greatest achievements and innovations of our time.

Nothing else—not even the phone or television—has connected all of humanity quite like the Internet. Television is one-way communication (and seems more and more like a propaganda tool than anything else with each passing day), and the telephone was a limited tool for two-way communication. The Internet? A whole other level.

It has brought people across the globe (and their knowledge, ideas, interests, ideologies, causes, concerns and, of course, joy) together on one single platform.

No one side is favored, nor is the other side ignored (at least for now).

And yes, even with all of its positives there are also some very real negatives associated with it … but that’s life. Balance is unavoidable.

That said, one of its most popular uses is for entertainment. And so here are but a few of our favorite time-killer sites. (Note that we are purposely avoiding the term “time waster” as that would give the impression that these are uninformative. They are most certainly not.).

You may know some (or even all) of them. You may not. You may like them. You may hate them. All we say in preface is that it takes all types, right? We welcome any comments or “must” sites of your own in the comment section below.

So here, in no particular order:

Sploid – What’s it about? Not exactly sure. All we basically know is that it’s part of the Kinja group, and that is has some of the best GIFs on the net that make even a quick stop on their front page a feast for the eyes.

Gear Patrol – If you’re into gear—all types of gear—Gear Patrol is all that and more. They have a little modernity mixed in with decades past. It reminds us here at knowmadic news a little of Lightning magazine in Japan. That is a good thing.

Art of Manliness – We’ve got to admit, this is one of the most unique and interesting sites around. The topics are broad, with everything from manly skills like learning to tie essential knots to relationship skills such as parenting. This is a site that is simply overloaded with interesting stuff.

Silodrome – Its sole focus is “gasoline culture” (often referred to as “gearheads”). This site is exactly what it sounds like—motorcycles and cars (and even boats). They have even linked some great films on there so this is definitely a time killer and a killer place to do it, too.

Everyday Carry – This site grows on you. At first you’ll no doubt think, “What the…? Why would I want to know what’s in other people’s pockets?” But after a while your voyeuristic impulses begins to kick in and you find yourself checking the site periodically to see what people actually do carry in their bags and pockets. Next thing you know, you’re at the store convincing yourself you need a pocket knife or a new pair of shades…

Tokyo Cheapo – For those not in (or planning a visit to) Tokyo, then obviously this site is going to be of limited value. But for those who are, an abundance of information awaits. The site’s focus is, as stated, on “cheap” eats, entertainment, and what have you… but don’t be put off if you’ve got a bulging wallet, as the site is an amazing resource on Tokyo in general.

Adventure Rider – The opening page slideshow, consisting of user-submitted (and often-updated) motorcycle touring pics, is enough to kickstart the wanderlust in anyone. Forum-centric in nature, the site deals with anything and everything motorcycle related, and is an absolute goldmine of material regarding touring in pretty much any locale imaginable.

TED (Talks) – Probably the most well-known of the 8 sites (and as such may be viewed by some as a cop-out by us), but it still deserves a mention as TED is the “go to” site when in the need for inspiration. (Random fact: There is no “Ted.” “TED” stands for “technology,” “entertainment,” and “design.”)