Bitcoin Gets Physical

BitFX Limited recently opened its first Bitcoin retail location, in Hong Kong.

The store—staffed with personnel as well as a Bitcoin ATM—is seen as just the first move of many in an attempt to make Bitcoin more accessible to the masses, taking technology out of the equation and making the buying and selling of Bitcoin a more “face-to-face” transaction.

All of this is most certainly welcome news to those interested in the digital currency but who are perhaps less “tech savvy.”


BitFX—a trading platform—has partnered with Bitcoin exchange OKCoin and Bitcoin ATM provider Bitcoinnect in this venture.

In addition to the Bitcoin ATM at BitFX’s retail location, business partner Bitcoinnect announced that five other ATMs are scheduled for launch in the SAR within the week, with at least 15 more planned by the beginning of next year.

While this is a first for BitFx, it is not the world’s first. That honor belongs to ANXBTC, which opened, also in Hong Kong, in February this year.

H/T: China Daily

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