Gym in Thailand with a New Way to Pump You Up

A gym in Thailand seems to have come up with a novel idea to motivate its customers (while at the same time demotivating them from actual exercise).

Police in Bangkok are preparing to slam the brakes on a fitness club in the city’s Wang Thonglang district for allegedly hiring naked women to mingle with customers and tease them while they workout.


A spokesperson for the Royal Thai Police has stated that they will be summoning the owners for questioning and are preparing criminal charges against them for allegedly arranging “obscene acts for sexual pleasure.”

The gym owners’ defense is that it was a private customer party and that neither they nor the gym had anything to do with it. Then again, that seems a fairly expected reply when news cameras are in your face.

If found guilty, the owners could potentially face up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to 20,000 baht (US$600).

The drama was exposed when a video went viral just a few days back and angry Thai netizens demanded that police investigate.

The minute-long video is about as clear as if filmed through a dirty fish tank, but clearly shows a guy in a towel using a squat rack as an impromptu stripper pole while several naked females (this is Thailand so the “female” part is maybe questionable) join in on the fun, grinding and groping the poor guy.

Perhaps the most bizarre part of the video is that there appears to be people in the gym who are actually working out, with one person even using a treadmill, oblivious to the debauchery directly behind them.

To be fair, the name of the club is Ebi Sauna & Fitness, and as anyone who has spent any amount of time in Asia should know… if it says “sauna” then it probably isn’t family friendly.

Nevertheless, it seems that netizens and justice will prevail this time around, and that Bangkok will be a safer place for all. At very least for guys exercising.

H/T: Asia One