What the Hell Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Imagine waking one morning, driving to your local supermarket for something healthy to start the day, and then not being able to find a single item with the words “organic” or “non-GMO” anywhere on it.

What happened?

Major agricultural and bio-engineering corporations lobbied your government to make it illegal to include such words (or even “natural”) on packaging or marketing materials because they considered it a potential threat to their profits.

Sound inconceivable?

Well, not if governments in Asia, North America, and South America have their way and get the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement passed.

The TPP is the single largest trade agreement you have never heard of, as it is being negotiated behind closed doors and out of the public eye. It’s an abomination. And that is precisely why it is being hidden as best as possible.

In the United States, Republicans and Democrats are eagerly working together to pass this agreement. If there is a single “known knownin America, it’s that government (Right or Left) works primarily for the corporations, not its citizens. Then again, you could probably insert almost any country name in here and a majority could still probably agree with the statement.

This “trade” deal doesn’t stop at food labeling either. No. It covers everything from the Internet to pharmaceuticals. And all of this is to protect the corporatists who have taken over governments worldwide. This is a zero-sum agreement, with workers, small businesses, and consumers getting fleeced.

Any free-trade agreement that involves China (and their tendency to ban any sort of freedom of expression or speech) should probably be closely scrutinized. In addition, considering the poor track record that U.S. corporations have when it comes to abuse of copyright and patent laws, one might be excused for being somewhat pessimistic.

For more, watch this short video featuring Robert Reich, ex-Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton. If you’re interested in knowing what you can do about the TPP, staying informed and on top of this issue is a good first move.

  • Na_Cho

    You gotta be shitting me- if this partnership/agreement passes, i just might head down to mexico to live on the beach.

    • Michael

      You mean the 51st State that sits on the Pacific?

      • big in japan

        think you might mean “52nd state,” michael. we all know that puerto rico is going to get statehood before guam does. – meaning never, and then a year or so after never.

      • Na_Cho

        Coconuts and beach fishing man.

  • BigAl

    OK, maybe the disclosure is a bit lacking but it is an attempt to push global trade. Depending on your view of globalization you will view TPP as a negative or positive. And it will probably be killed by the classic, farm subsidies like Japan’s protection of the rice farmers. The old school little farms of the past but with votes!!!

    • Michael

      A very dishonest attempt. There’s nothing “free” about this. It’s just another tool for the corporatists in the United States to use to crush competition and to try to bully anyone who stands in its way.

      Globalization has been great for making people and the environment sick, fat and dumb.

      Anyway, thanks for commenting!