Forget Economy Class, Try the Wheel Housing

Stowing away in the wheel housing of a passenger airliner certainly is one way to save on flights. And that’s exactly what 21-year-old Indonesian Mario Ambarita just did on an island-hopper flight from Sumatra to Jakarta.

According to reports, Ambarita researched online how to sneak aboard an aircraft, as well as scouted out the nearby airport, for some time before attempting (and pulling off) this nearly suicidal travel feat.

And so, when the aircraft was positioned at the end of the run, Ambarita snuck onto the tarmac and clambered up into the landing gear housing.

While the flight was only one hour in duration, Ambarita experienced freezing temperatures and low oxygen, as the altitude reached was roughly 34,000 feet. With that, it’s a wonder that upon landing in Jakarta Ambarita reportedly climbed down out of the landing gear on his own, although appearing to stagger somewhat.

He was nabbed quickly by security.

A Garuda Indonesia airlines communications secretary described Ambarita as looking like he lacked oxygen. Also, that his fingers had turned blue and his left ear was bleeding. He was taken to the clinic at Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta airport for immediate treatment.

The young man’s mother, who had not heard from him in weeks, learned where he ended up only when she saw a feature of him on MetroTV news.

Apparently, a big motivator for Ambarita was his longtime dream of visiting Jakarta. Well, kudos to him for his determination. Although if he faces formal charges, he may be looking at his beloved city through the bars of a jail cell.

H/T: Daily Mail

  • Maria

    Hopefully there won’t be many copycats, I can only imagine most people won’t be able to pull off this type of stunt

    • Peter Zhang

      Right, I know. Although I also came across a few other articles on guys shipping themselves in crates from Australia to England.. in the ’60s I think!