Looks to Be “Sayonara” for McDonald’s

McDonald’s Holdings Company (Japan), Ltd. has announced that it will be closing 131 stores across Japan after reporting that revenues were shrinking at an ever increasing rate.

The company reports that losses have been significant this year, totaling US$318 million, almost triple what many analysts had predicted. This is 43% worse off than last year, which was the company’s first annual loss in 11 years.


Warner Bros. Television

McDonald’s Japan places blame on the unfortunate food scares it recently endured—plastic found in an ice cream sundae (which injured a child’s mouth), a piece of vinyl found in a chicken nugget, and a (hold for it) human tooth found in a side of french fries. And all of these on the heels of discovering that one of their meat suppliers in China was selling the Japanese company expired meat.

The company is forced to cut 100 jobs, and a series of pay cuts in the 15–20% range are expected for its executives.

A revitalization plan is under way that includes renovations in a majority of their outlets across the country, as well as strong pledges to stop importing chicken from China. The company also introduced a chicken nugget substitute made from soy, called the “Tofu Shinjo Nugget.

While it’s not known where they are getting the soy from for their tofu nuggets, it is probably not much of a stretch to assume it is from the States. If this is the case, then give me expired Chinese chicken any day of the week over GMO tofu. Seems much better to eat old chicken than risk growing a pair of man breasts… or worse.

  • big in japan

    hey, thanks … great choice using pennwise the clown for this post. why not go all out and use the clown doll from ‘poltergeist’ and thereby guarantee that i wet myself?? – those damn clowns are the stuff of nightmares. caused many a sleepless nights when i was young.

  • Sheldon

    A human tooth… shudder.. at times when I read stuff like this, makes me never wanna eat out again- fast food or otherwise!