Got US$1.4 Million for a Rolex?

The spare US$1.4 million that you have sitting in your savings account just missed out on Eric Clapton’s vintage Rolex that was auctioned off in Geneva, Switzerland, at the Phillips auction.

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona (Ref. #6263), also referred to as the “Oyster Albino,” is one of the rarest, most sought after watches in the world. It’s only one of four categorized as an Albino. Moreover, if you happen to be a guitar enthusiast, knowing that it was on the sweaty wrist of Eric Clapton for several years might just send a chill up your spin not unlike a schoolgirl meeting Justin Bieber.

The name Albino derives from its interface, which sports a silvered dial and silvered chronograph totalizer subdials. Its base model usually has black chronograph totalizers with white printing (hence the subtle craftsman’s difference and what creates its rarity).

This Albino version was manufactured in 1971 and is a manually wound Caliber 727. The watch is secured by a stainless steel case strapped to a stainless steel band.

The uber famous guitarist is known not only for his passion for Ferrari and racing but also for his love of high-quality, rare watches.

He bought the Albino in the 1990s, but then turned it over and auctioned it off in 2003, where it broke the previous world record for a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona by selling for US$505,000. This was five times its pre-auction estimate.

Apparently, Clapton is a savvy collector who repeatedly rotates his collection to help finance new acquisitions. Also probably true is that, for Clapton, just owning a watch increases its value to such a degree that he can do more than just finance a new purchase. Hell, he could probably own a G-Shock for several years then auction it off and buy a new Ferrari if he wanted.

  • Kim

    Decent ROI, but was the value based on time, inflation, the brand/model or Erik Clapton’s wrist?

    I imagine the answer is all three but trying to forecast its future value is truly a difficult one.

    • Chad Bischoff

      Mate, who cares? If you can afford a rolex that Clapton used to own money is no object. Cheers,