The Future Is Now

Joi Ito’s bio reads more like the forward to a novel. A very long, very interesting novel.

Currently the director of MIT Media Lab, Ito is also a successful entrepreneur, venture capitalist, activist, journalist, board member of several well-known companies and organizations, PADI IDC Staff Instructor, popular blogger, and even an ex-nightclub owner.

By anyone’s standards, a very full life. And he is clearly not done yet.


Living a life filled with so many different experiences—including dropping out of several different colleges and never completing any of them—and being one of Timothy Leary’s “godsons,” this is a man you might want to listen to when he talks about “the future.”

Interestingly enough, he concludes that is is more about “the now” than anything that may come.

If innovation and entrepreneurism are your thing, take 12 minutes and indulge…

  • Ignam

    If future now what tomorrow? Stupid