On the Move

Drones – An Unexpected Welcome to Trip Planning

After countless hours spent scouring Kayak, TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet, Frommer’s, and Triposo you have succeeded in narrowing down the options for your next trip… but before finalizing everything there’s one more site you might want to start checking.

Whether you’re thinking of visiting Barcelona, Binh Dinh, or Boston, Travel By Drone is able to give you a lay of the land beforehand, by allowing you to “discover the world from the perspective of drones.”

Utilizing the power of Google Maps and YouTube videos, the site offers access to an ever-growing library of user-submitted drone videos that provide a truly unique look at locales all across the globe.

Some of the videos appear to have been filmed by tourist boards, but most seem to be shot by individuals and are quite nicely done. Many will most likely have you wanting to hit the road for a bit of wanderlust. Case in point, “Phan Vu” and his eye-in-the-sky over Vietnam has me looking at tickets online now.

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    Why travel? Just stay home and use the internet. It’s cheaper, safer, and no weird people.

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    While I doubt that anyone would consider Chernobyl a travel destination, here’s a very cool drone clip from the region that I thought others here might find interesting: