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When in Rome… Don’t Do as the British

The British have quite a reputation in the European Union as being unruly and drunken guests. In Magaluf, Spain, for example, the authorities there will begin fining drunken partygoers over US$3,000 who get naked in public places, urinate or defecate in the street, or jump from their hotel balconies.

Max Keiser discussed this recently on his RT show The Keiser Report. It’s actually so funny that I just have to encourage you to watch it yourself here, and let him extrapolate on it instead of me. (It is at the very start of the video.)

Now it appears that young British tourists have taken this dated “party animal” routine on a roadshow to popular tourist destinations in Asia, and according to locals in Sabah, Malaysia, caused the recent earthquake on Mount Kinabalu by “angering the mountain spirits.”

Mt. kinabalu summit view

Obviously, blaming a tragic natural disaster on a few naked revelers is going to be a bit contentious for anyone not from the area, but something definitely can be said with regards to the complete disregard of respect for local spirituality. It is never a smart idea to visit a foreign country and ignorantly show complete disdain for local beliefs, customs, and laws. You could either wind up in prison or get your ass kicked.

But maybe even worse, you could end up on the national news back home and be forced to apologize to the entire country for your actions like young Eleanor Hawkins had to do recently on her return to the United Kingdom after spending three days in jail and paying a fine of approximately US$1,330.

Ms. Hawkins was not the only naked participant, nor were any of the others British (two Canadians and one from the Netherlands). But the timing for this could not have been worse, with more and more stories appearing in the international media in regard to British debauchery while abroad.

It is perfectly welcomed to drink, unwind, and enjoy your holiday in many places throughout Asia, even in countries who frown on their own citizens for doing such things. But keep it in the areas where the locals look the other way, mainly the bar and restaurant districts in every tourist town.

Climbing up a national treasure and acting like you are in a pub back home is idiotic and defeats the purpose of being there in the first place. Your Facebook friends have more than likely seen you drunk and naked lying in the back alleys of your hometown before so you are not impressing anyone… no, more impressive would be your incredible photos of the fantastic place you spent time and money to get to.

Sadly, Ms. Hawkins and her cohorts’ memories on beautiful Mount Kinabalu are going to be forever tied to several days in a Malaysian jail cell.

  • Cardiff

    The fact that the Brits actually travel abroad and Yanks stay home and pop one off in their sisters each summer makes for a difference.

    • jeremy

      in all fairness, if you’d ever seen my sis i don’t think you’d be so quick to judge.
      – sincerely, jeremy the white-socked seppo

    • Cardiff, I honestly have no reply to this so bully for you.

  • Glue

    Remember too, this generation grew up on shows like Jackass. They think it’s a rite of passage to act this way anywhere they please.