Tokyo Joyride: “Have Her Back to You in the Morning, Boys”

Police in Tokyo last week arrested a 21-year-old Japanese man accused of stealing a high-performance McLaren sports car.

Priced at ¥35,000,000 (US$285,000), the car was a test-drive vehicle at the McLaren dealership in Tokyo’s Akasaka district.


Taken for a drive by the suspect earlier in the day, it is reported that afterwards the man claimed to no longer have the key and not know where it was. Returning to the dealership around 2 a.m., the suspect was able to talk security into allowing him entry into the building—home to several other companies as well—by claiming to be a clerk. Using the key, he then just drove off in the car.

McLaren staff arriving to work in the morning notified police, and with GPS tracking were able to quickly locate the vehicle in nearby Ikebukuro. According to police, the man claimed, “I missed my last train home, so I just borrowed it.”

Seems like sound logic.

The suspect is to remain in police custody while awaiting trial, where he will no doubt be pondering recent life choices.

H/T: Yahoo Japan

  • big in japan

    don’t know whether this was big balls or just booze, but some begrudging respect goes out to the guy for eyeing up the police and thinking he was going to get away with it by claiming he “had to get home” (after palming the car key). hilarious.