“East Meets West” with Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bikes

Two engineers have joined forces and created one of the greenest vehicles you will ever ride. Literally, the greenest. Local craftsman Vo Anh Tan and business partner Axel Lukassen from the Netherlands ride bicycles made mostly from bamboo… and now they want you to ride one.

Bamboo is one tough material, and apparently can be used for just about anything. That now includes even a spin around the neighborhood.

The bikes will not be sold at a novelty price, and Tan and Lukassen hope that they will eventually rival their aluminum and steel brethren.

“The bikes will be of high quality but affordable and might be sold throughout the world. We have built the most eco-friendly transportation device ever using Vietnamese skills,” said Lukassen.

If you’re like me and love anything on two wheels, then head over to Project Lifecycle and check them out.

H/T: Vietnam News