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Get Off Your Ass and Do Asia

Whether you’re an expat in Asia or were native born, hopefully you’re doing more than hanging out in malls, cafes, and bars on the weekends.

Asia offers up some truly spectacular things to do—trail running in Hong Kong, mountain biking in the hills around Kuala Lumpur, snowboarding/skiing in Hokkaido, training in Muay Thai at an outdoor gym in Bangkok, scurrying out of Manila for the weekend to go scuba diving, you name it. There’s really no excuse not to be outdoors. (Exceptions granted to those in Beijing or New Delhi.)

action asia

The magazine Action Asia has been documenting things to do and see across the region for going on over 20 years now. I can recall picking it up for the first time back in the mid ‘90s, and have been a loyal reader ever since. Practically impossible to look through its pages and not yearn to get out and do something.

Need a bit of motivation? Read about these five chicks in Asia who will kick your butt on land, sea, and air.

Afterward, Google is your friend. To help start you off in the right direction, maybe look up Hash House Harriers in your area—the “drinking group with a running problem”—or a biking group, fighting group, or whatever. There is something for everyone. Better yet, most of the time all you need to do is show up.

action asia

If you find yourself still in need of inspiration, or just want to learn a bit more about independent travel, there are a number of ideas right here on knowmadic newshitchhike around Japan, trek China’s Tiger Leaping Gorge, train for a month with Shaolin monks, or explore WWII sites in the Philippines are just a few.

  • Bob

    HHH is a hoot! Make sure you wear your drinking shoes, and bring your running mug.

  • ankit

    Great Asia….

  • curtis

    love the magazine! – is next to impossible to find at a bookstore any longer, though. crappier still is that for those of us living in japan, the price of a year’s subscription (six issues) jumps from around the normal rate of usd$30 to $130. ouch.