Japan’s Mt. Gox Debacle Coming to Theaters?

The story of Japan’s Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange and its (now incarcerated) former CEO Marc Karpeles have been rumored to have landed on producer’s desks in Hollywood and soon could wind up in a theater near you.

The Japan domiciled Bitcoin exchange that made world news when it was discovered that approximately half-billion dollars’ worth of Bitcoins vanished into cyberspace is an intriguing story that might be comparable to a movie like The Social Network—although with actual discernible drama.

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that the rights to David Kushner’s Rolling Stone article “The Rise and Fall of a Bitcoin King” is also currently available.

If picked up, this could be the second major Bitcoin film in the works following news that broke in 2013 that the online black market Silk Road had been optioned by 20th Century Fox and Chernin Entertainment.

Several news sources are also reporting that the role of Karpeles is already being shopped around at several Hollywood talent agencies. Some websites have already started to chatter about the potential lead for the movie, and some have jokingly (I can only hope) suggested Tom Cruise for the role. I have to disagree though, because Cruise would have to gain 50 lbs of fat and shrink wrap his face to appear 20+ years younger to realistically appear like the baby-faced, doughy Karpeles—although he did knock it out of the park with Born on the Fourth of July so anything is possible, I guess.

I can’t help but think that Jonah Hill of Superbad and Moneyball renown would make a great choice. This role seems almost perfectly suited for the young actor, especially after his memorable role in The Wolf of Wall Street.