Marc Faber: Asia Can Grow Without the Rest of the World

Marc Faber, the famous economist, market prediction guru and investor from the Gloom Boom Doom report, has made some bold calls in the past, and to the detriment of most in the establishment media, many have come true.

Some of his most recent best calls: the Federal Reserve Bank in the U.S. would (could) not raise interest rates (so far he’s been absolutely correct), that the global economy wasn’t inflating but deflating from all the money printing global central banks have been doing, and that emerging economies, especially their currencies, would get hammered. All these calls were absolutely correct, and if you knew how to play them then you would have made some money.

Here at knowmadic news we like Dr. Faber because he doesn’t shy away from controversial discussions, and he’s what they call a contrarian in a financial world that seemingly feels like it’s filled with sheep led to slaughter by many mainstream news sources.

In the video below, Dr. Faber doesn’t disappoint, explaining how/why the global economy is on life support and that central banks are actually hurting growth and not supporting it. He also talks about a recent interview he did in Turkey with a “media hack” where he needed to explain that money printing hurts the masses, while only benefitting the few (shareholders).

We would like to thank the Sprott Group for sharing this great interview.