Risqué Advertising Around Asia

There seems to be no limit to how risqué advertising campaigns can get around much of Asia. Whether they be successful, controversial, or just plain scratch-your-head confusing, most all seem to get plenty of attention online. Here’s a glimpse at just a handful of notables over the past few years that you may have missed.

Scantily Clad Stewardesses

vietjetairA collection of sexy photos featuring bikini-clad flight attendants made the rounds online after being uploaded on Facebook by one of the models in the photo shoot. Not surprisingly, the images soon went viral, as well as sparked quite a bit of criticism. The photos have since been removed, and a spokesman for VietJet Air has stated that these were not intended as part of any official ad campaign and were not leaked as a PR stunt. Really?

Funny Farm

thaifertilizerFertilizer and sexy, gyrating dancers? Certainly not the best pitch ever heard at a concept meeting. And yet in this Thai advertisement it works (in its own bizarre way). While a farmer stands by shocked and aroused, three girls dance nonstop and proceed to coax a tuber up out of the ground at the finale. No subtlety here.

Leggy Marketing

In much of Tokyo one’s view is often dominated by a patchwork of billboards, banners, and every other conceivable type of signage. Advertising agency WIT Inc. has come up with a clever (and oh-so-Japanese) way to attempt to combat this: young women’s thighs. Since putting their idea into practice two years ago, the agency has had thousands sign up to sport temporary tattoos of various ads for products, earning approximately US$120 per day in the process.

Learning Chinese, the Sexy Way

sexymandarinContent in limiting their target audience primarily to men, Sexy Mandarin has certainly come up with a good (read as: “bad”) angle for making learning basic Mandarin more fun. The website offers a series of short videos featuring teachers in a variety of settings who just happen to be sexy Chinese models wearing lingerie or skimpy cosplay outfits. As for the effectiveness of the program? Well, no one seems to be complaining.

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