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knowmadic news
is an independent, Asian-based business news portal with a strong bias towards honesty and integrity. We aim to present (and encourage) different perspectives and ideas, especially if they clash with much of what is reported in the mainstream. Our goal is to provide a “street” perspective on the business world in Asia, bringing readers close to the action with non-traditional news reporting, unpretentious photos and videos, and timely reader-submitted content.

The founders, Michael Musashi and Henry Cooper, have unique experiences not only in Asia but also its business world. Both desire to provide readers with a unique perspective that is unrestrained by agendas or purse strings.

In addition, we encourage readers to join us in uncovering Asia and what it is like to do business in the region. Asia is rich in diversity of all kinds, and we would like to explore this through the digital media in hopes of adding our footprint to this perhaps already crowded landscape.

If you wish to contribute, please contact us through one of the links below. We would enjoy hearing from you and welcome any/all suggestions or proposals.

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