folded newspapers on a computer keyboard

A few of the topics we here at knowmadic news are discussing this week: The biggest news event this week (so far) has been the Saudi Arabia–September 11 connection conspiracy. Flooding across social media, the implication could have a far-reaching affect on geopolitics in the coming years. New York...

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Thailand sex industry

On the edge of Bangkok, Thailand, a 68-year-old woman runs a private “sex museum” that tries to establish legitimacy, as well as some respect, for an industry that is both universally loved and loathed. Moreover, an industry that has helped to make Thailand one of the biggest tourist destinations...

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Helix the Great

Soldiers with folding bike

“We’re a group of designers, engineers, and manufacturing professionals.  We’re also passionate cyclists.” If that hasn’t caught your interest then maybe this will: The world’s best folding bicycle. Pretty bold words from a Kickstarter company that is just getting off the ground. Though said boldness led to just over...

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China high speed rail line

Last October, after heated bidding between China and Japan, Indonesia finally awarded China their coveted high-speed rail project (original story here). This much anticipated line will run 150 km (93 mi) and connect Jakarta with Bandung, on the densely populated island of Java. This would be the country’s first high-speed...

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At the enviable age of 16, Jack Cator founded Hide My Ass!, a virtual private network (VPN) service that has grown by leaps and bounds since its beginnings as a simple proxy tool. The unlikely result of a high-school attempt by Cator to try and bypass his school’s block...

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Airplane flying near clouds

While some ASEAN region airlines have experienced horrible losses due to crashes and competition over the past few years, others seem to be faring quite well and are actively expanding routes. Many of these airlines have added more scheduled flights around Southeast Asia plus new direct flights further afield....

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