china gold

China is contemplating a plan that would allow offshore yuan to be used in gold trading within the Shanghai Free-Trade Zone (FTZ). Gold imports into China are strictly controlled by the country’s central bank. This plan stipulates that gold be allowed physical delivery to a warehouse within the FTZ....

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United Overseas Bank (UOB)

United Overseas Bank (UOB), the Singapore-based behemoth, is near to closing a deal that would make it the first foreign buyers to own a local bank in Vietnam. The deal is still pending the approval of the Vietnamese government, but as of January of this year a Decree was...

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Foreign exchange trading market of Japan

A little known fact about Japanese housewives is that they love to speculate in the markets. Even my wife liked to trade the mini Nikkei 225 futures contracts, disappearing into the bathroom at work to place her trades. She won some, lost some, and learned some. But all of...

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akihabara electric town

Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s economic policies seem to have plundered savings accounts. The country’s industrial production and household spending have both dropped, while core consumer prices surged to a 23-year high. This drop in household spending was viewed by many as a consequence of the sales tax hike...

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Philippines Credit Rating

Moody’s Investors Service, Inc., is hinting that another credit rating upgrade for the Philippines could be coming very soon. As recently as Q4 of last year, Moody’s upgraded the country from Ba1 to Baa3 and noted a positive outlook. This would come on the heels of a Standard &...

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Taiwan’s exports continue to grow, with orders to the United States showing the biggest gains, jumping up US$790 million, or 9.3%, against March. China (including Hong Kong) remained Taiwan’s top destination at US$10.22 billion, followed by the United States at US$9.29 billion, and the EU with US$6.47 billion in...

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Crypto Cambodia


I sit here this morning, sipping coffee, feet propped up on my desk, imagining how great it would be if a cryptocurrency creator approached a frontier market somewhere and teamed up with them to turn the currency market on its head. Imagine the implications if an innovation-starved country took...

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Strong demand for South Korean exports signals an improvement for the U.S. and ASEAN investment cycles, as exports grew to a 15-month high in April. Consumer spending is obviously gathering pace in the United States and ASEAN nations, but China is definitely a worry because a slowdown there would...

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asia loans

Noel Quinn at HSBC writes, “Asia’s funding markets are stirring, and all the indications are that the continent is on the cusp of an unprecedented period of financial innovation that will provide the fuel for its next period of expansion.” While the first chapter that propelled Asia into an...

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