It makes little difference whether you’re a student, bartender, office worker, captain of industry, entrepreneur, or a new parent, most of us can do with a little inspiration from time to time. Thanks to happenstance, I recently stumbled across a website that offers that in spades. It’s The Book...

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True Grit


Angela Duckworth, Ph.D., is a former management consultant, an ex-public school teacher, and an American psychologist. At the 2013 TED conference, she gave a speech detailing what she had learned during her time inside the New York City public school system. One of the things she was most surprised...

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The Internet is arguably one of the greatest achievements and innovations of our time. Nothing else—not even the phone or television—has connected all of humanity quite like the Internet. Television is one-way communication (and seems more and more like a propaganda tool than anything else with each passing day),...

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Along with the incredible athleticism on display, the rise of mixed martial arts (MMA) has been nothing short of spectacular. Growing a new sport is by no means easy, even at a local level. Take for example soccer (or football everywhere else) in the USA, individuals, organizations, and corporations...

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James Beeland Rogers, Jr. (or Jim Rogers) was born in Baltimore, Maryland (a damn fine place to hail from), in 1942, and raised in the deep South of the United States. He’s an American businessman, professional investor, commodities guru, author, and a two-wheel enthusiast. Basically, a man’s man. As...

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For all you struggling and aspiring entrepreneurs out there, this one’s for you… Magnus Walker is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. What I mean to say is, he’s not the plastic type you read about in certain magazines that seem as if they’ve been manufactured in some factory somewhere. Nah, he’s...

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You’re young, hustling, juggling a budding career, a social life, maybe some sort of activity you love like kickboxing, mountain biking, even just barhopping or clubbing… the last thing you need is to get sick or injured. But it happens, it’s unavoidable, and often kicks you right at the...

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Kyoto Temples and Shrines

Whenever foreign visitors step “off the boat” and descend upon the Narita Express (N’EX) at Narita International Airport (NRT), one of the first things they realize, besides the cleanliness of everything, is that Japanese obsess over detail. Whether you notice it at the ticket counter when the female cashier...

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