streetside beer Hanoi Vietnam

When compared to Japan or Thailand, Vietnam might be less known for its drinking culture but that has changed over the last few decades. With lax regulations on mom n pop distilleries, along with the relatively recent rise in beer hall binge drinking among the young generation, for better...

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(Editor’s note: As spring rolls around again, we’d like to share this one from our archives. Originally posted April, 2015.) No one should need an excuse to drink a cold beer outside, especially on a nice spring day. But for those that do, Japan’s hanami (花見/flower viewing) season is...

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Cambodia Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is nowadays a well-trodden path. In fact, it has been for many years, but more and more people are heading to these shores without a thought or worry in the world. Despite it being foreign to most westerners, Southeast Asia has an unprecedented reputation of being safe...

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