bottle of snake liquor in Thailand

No matter how many military coups Thailand has—and there has been more than a few—the country remains a famous destination for backpackers, beach goers, and booze hounds alike. And so we here at knowmadic news thought the “Land of Smiles” would make a welcome addition to ourKnow Your Booze...

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bumrungrad hospital lobby entrance

Just the mention of Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, or India will have most friends and family cooing “how exotic” or “sounds tropical.” But then mention that you’re considering a medical procedure in any of those places and watch those warm reactions turn cold. And yet all of these countries...

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colorful Chinese dragon and traditional architecture display

China’s Mid-Autumn Festival is a widely celebrated national holiday marked by a full moon, falling anywhere from early September to early October each year. Based on the Chinese lunar calendar, festivities will take place on or around September 27th this year with the usual mooncakes, colorful lanterns and moon...

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mountain biking snowy mountain background

Looking to get in some adventurous mountain biking and cycling around Asia? Had enough of soccer mom biking paths and Sunday afternoon rides by the riverside? These choice destinations are worth looking into for those seeking a real challenge: Yak Ru A prominent annual mountain biking race held in...

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highway traffic at night

People will soon be able to opt for a journey by road between India, Myanmar, and Thailand as this region’s portion of the greater Asian Highway No. 1 becomes closer to completion. Progress on this project was recently highlighted with the opening of the 25.6-km long Myawaddy–Thinggan Nyenaung–Kawkareik section,...

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One of the great things about being a foreigner, or a tourist, is that you can talk your way out of almost anything in another country (serious crimes excluded, obviously). In my 20+ years as an expat, I have talked or haggled my way out of almost everything—speeding tickets,...

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On the Move
Take a Bow, Taiwan


Move aside, Bangkok. And shuffle off, Tokyo. Taiwan has successfully established itself as popular choice for international filmmakers in need of an “Asian” locale. Thanks to recent feature films that have been shot there, Taiwan (and especially its capital city, Taipei) has now become the location of choice for...

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