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Thailand sex industry

On the edge of Bangkok, Thailand, a 68-year-old woman runs a private “sex museum” that tries to establish legitimacy, as well as some respect, for an industry that is both universally loved and loathed. Moreover, an industry that has helped to make Thailand one of the biggest tourist destinations...

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Cambodia Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is nowadays a well-trodden path. In fact, it has been for many years, but more and more people are heading to these shores without a thought or worry in the world. Despite it being foreign to most westerners, Southeast Asia has an unprecedented reputation of being safe...

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old stone squat toilets

Squat toilets are still ubiquitous throughout China, Japan, and rural Southeast Asia, despite the gradual changeover to Western-style toilets in many homes and institutions. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, anyone who has traveled or lived in these countries has had the opportunity to use these toilets at one point...

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